Logistics Capabilities

Our seasoned Logistics Technicians, Facility Experts, and Property Management Specialists support operations of highly complex systems, covering full spectrum logistics challenges. We support supply and provisioning, inventory management, and in-service engineering to keep systems operational. Support encompasses full life cycle planning for supportability through the end of life demilitarization and demobilization. This expertise includes assessing requirements, providing analytics products, managing property, safely storing and moving ballistic missiles and related ordnance, managing and Operating Space Allowance Equipage List (OS/AEL) spares, COTS spares, receiving material and equipment, shipping material, submitting requisitions, performing carcass turn-in for Material Repairable Program (MPPs), and managing all calibration equipment and inventory.

Our acquisition logistics support includes planning for supportability across the full spectrum of lifecycle logistics and the Integrated Product Support Elements. We establish and analyze weapon system lifecycle support requirements to include Contractor Logistics Support (CLS). We create, review, and advocate improvements to acquisition planning documents such as Acquisition Strategy, Statements of Work (SOW), Lifecycle Sustainment Plans, Business Case Analysis, Integrated Logistics Assessments, and Core Depot Assessment and reporting. In addition to providing onsite logistics support, DIS executes tactical level logistics, including fleet management, traffic management, property management, Special Assignment Airlift Mission planning and scheduling, load planning, and hazardous material certification.

DIS also enables Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs by populating and maintaining property transfer and custody records, including forms DD-1348 and DD-1149 property records. Making safety our top priority, we efficiently package, handle, store, transport, and maintain defense assets, hardware and property including launch vehicle and associated flight hardware; ordnance components; ground support equipment; electrical power generators; non-tactical vehicles; and command, control, communications, and battle management equipment.