Culture & Values


DIS is a customer focused company committed to putting our people first as we collaborate to deliver mission-focused solutions.

Leadership – We are committed to developing leaders at every level of DIS, creating dynamic thinkers who are personally invested in elevating their professional performance. Our leaders set the DIS standard for leadership culture, enabling the workforce with tools to develop personally and professionally while best supporting the customer. Our leaders celebrate servant-based leadership, establish a strong customer-focused mentality, and place the customer’s desired goals first, as our teams contribute their expertise.

Work Life Balance – Constructing a positive and inclusively-driven work environment where all are respected and valued is a top priority.  Mindful of work-life integration, we work hard to create a family-oriented culture that helps our workforce achieve personal and professional success through flexibility.  Our talent development and human resources team supports employees with their needs and thereby keeps retention high.

Focus – Our attention centers on delivering value to our customers by positioning them at the forefront of everything we do. Our team members stay on track and connect with our clients to ensure a relentless focus on task completion, mission success, and results.  Our employees greet customers’ needs with exceptional quality and efficiency. We focus tirelessly on delivering excellence, helping us embody our motto: Your mission is our business.


Our core values are the fundamental beliefs upon which our business is built. We use these guiding principles (TRAITs) to manage our customer relationships, programs, and business operations.

DIS corporate values are:

  • Teamwork – A true partnership is forged through teamwork. To us, teamwork means building teams with diverse skills, backgrounds, and expertise to elevate our ideas, strengthen our position, and improve our solutions.
  • Respect – Respect is the guiding principle our team employs when working with each other and with our customers. Respect is the cornerstone to our business, creating an environment of trust, transparency, and equality.
  • Accountability – Each individual on the DIS team is empowered through accountability. Team members “go the extra mile” to step up as leaders, asking tough questions, finding smart solutions, and ultimately delivering excellence.
  • Integrity – We conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, ethics, and moral behavior. Our actions reflect our integrity; consistently delivering value to our stakeholders testifies to how we build relationships of trust.
  • Trust – All DIS relationships are predicated on the foundation of trust. This quality conditions our authenticity, commitment, and autonomy of our work. Trust is the energetic framework of our organization; we believe the best solutions are created from a place of trust.